Thursday, August 28, 2008

Salon Blast

thanks to shay for this great dessert! i'm sad that i don't have a picture of you, but this was awesome. your great!

we had so much fun! i don't think that i have had a girls night/"sleep"over for years. it was great...... ME, JAMIE, KRISTY, JULIE, AND ASHLEY!

hey brookie.....i'm glad that you would come and hang with a crazy crowd like us!

shout out to the owners of Euphoric Salon....thanks for a fun weekend! they paid for us to have a salon getaway! it was so fun....we stayed up all night talking and eating a ton of junk food. i missed all of you girls that couldn't make it, hopefully next time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Working for " The Man"

so i got this funny email today! i hope that you all enjoy it like i did! (i don't know about you but i have felt like this before!)

New office policy dress code: 1) You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary.2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise.3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise.4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise.
Sick Days: We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.Personal Days:Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year.They are called Saturdays & Sundays. Bereavement Leave:This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral arrangements in your place. In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary, the funeral should be scheduled in the late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early.
Bathroom Breaks:Entirely too much time is being spent in the toilet.There is now a strict three-minute time limit in the stalls. At the end of three minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract, the stall door will open, and a picture will be taken. After your second offense, your picture will be posted on the company bulletin board under the 'Chronic Offenders' category. Anyone caught smiling in the picture will be sectioned under the company's mental health policy.
Lunch Break: * Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more, so that they can look healthy.* Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balanced meal to maintain their average figure.* Chubby people get 5 minutes for lunch, because that's all the time needed to drink a Slim-Fast.
Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We are hereto provide a positive employment experience. Therefore,all questions, comments, concerns, complaints,frustrations, irritations, aggravations, insinuations,allegations, accusations, contemplations, consternationand input should be directed elsewhere. Thanks The Management
Pass this on to all who are employed!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

eyelash what????

i got eyelashes!

Friday, August 15, 2008

~Yellowstone Bear World~

this one is my favorite just looks like he is really out in the wild! black bears are so sweet!


we went to bear world while we were home! it was so cool.....this was the first time that i had ever seen a bear besides in a zoo! well i guess that this is kinda like a zoo! i hope to see one in the wild some day......but just a few extra miles away! this Bear's name is montie, he is 600lbs he is the biggest bear in the place right now!

this guy was really wanting a doughnut! he wasn't about to get out of the way until he got one. my niece (she is three) went to throw it to him and she only got as far as the hood of the truck and so the bear was beating the crap out of the truck to get the food. the guy driving had to use the windshield wipers to get the food off for the bear!

this guy was clapping his front paws together to get me and jesson to give him some food! it was so cute. they kinda act like they are in a circus, but don't have to wear the silly clothes.

these are the babies! they were so round and cute.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Lake!

well these are some more pics from the lake! the water was soooooooooooo cold!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a GREAT week

Friday, August 1, 2008


well we made it! we are in wyoming and will be here until the 10th!

we have a lot planned but i will try and keep you posted! hope you all have a good week, and we will be talking soon....i will take lots of pictures!

love ya,

jesson, storme, and axel