Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pics I Promised

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

YES......the rumor is true!

Well you are all prob wondering what rumor i am talking about! and it is.....wait for it......yes it has already 90 degrees outside and i have been laying by the pool all day, and plan to again on Friday! yahoo. summer is here, and i love it.
I really do hope that the rest of you are having some sunshine too. it sure makes me smile! there will be pictures to put up soon. i have to get them off of my phone! so stay in touch.
I do have to admit, before i leave, that if it is already 90 i am not looking forward to the 110.....i will be coming to wyoming and you all wont be able to get me to leave. hahaha, but until then i am soaking it up.
love ya all
p.s. i am so sun burned.....i can hardly stand to put clothes on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


this year we had our friends Kelsey and Austin over to die the eggs.....we had a blast. i felt like i was little again. hope everyone had a great easter and got lots of yummy candy and a giant chocolate bunny!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Hiking

axel loves the water.....we can not keep him out of it.

yes yes i know it seems like all we do is hike! well we have to get out and enjoy the sun until it gets too hot to go outside........sorry for all you who are still getting snowed on. we have green lawns and flowers in bloom and leaves back on the trees. this is the only time of year that it is green so i need to take it all in. we do have a guest room! you know who to call.