Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chirstmas in March

well i title this blog today christmas in march, well as you can see jesson got a gun and a new gun case! i have never seen him so happy. his new gun case holds two rifles and one pistol and a lot more. i have never seen one with so many pockets. he still hasn't got to shoot his know what i will be doing this week. but i really don't mind, the weather here is so nice right now.....i think that it was in the 70's today and all the trees are starting to grow back their leaves and the flowers are all coming i am so glad that i live here right now. we have a guest bedroom if you need to get some sunshine! for all you still in the snow and cold i do not envy you but give me like two months and i will be saying different! well hope all is well, love and miss you all!
The Hoopes'

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hiking with the Hoopes'

i love this time of year! the hoopes' family was down to go to nascar and then stayed an extra day to play with us! it was fun...the weather was so nice so we all decided to go hiking! i can't decide who had more fun, axel or jesson! axel was diving in the water and then all the red dirt we have here was sticking to him (he had to go get a hair cut the next day).....and jesson thought that he could just climb the cliff i guess. we seriously had so much fun!
thanks andy melissa and alana