Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i saw this on one of my friends blogs and thought that it looked fun. i am sure that i miss a lot of things that i am thankful for but this list would go on for days! also just wanted to say happy anniversary hubby! four years, that is so awesome and am so glad that he is my life!

B-bracelets, my favorite
C-car to drive
E-exciting events in peoples lives that i am apart of!
F-fun times
G-good friends
I-important days
J-jesson kay hoopes
K-kind hearted people
M-my mother
P-positive people
S-sister savana, and everyone else are my sisters!
T-truly good music
V-very yummy food
W-wonderful weather
X- x-rays
Y-you, reading my blog

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My adorable neighbor girls! they are so cute and fun to be around. Jesson and I just hang out with them, then we don't have to have our own kiddies! haha. This is Addie and Journey. We are on our way to go shoot guns!

This is Sarah and Journey......Journey has her own little pink 22! It is fun to shoot and she is such a good shot....I know that she did better than I did. So did Sarah. But all of us girls did way better than the boys! wink wink.

This is just Jesson, Journey, and Adam. They are loading the guns......oooooo so serious.

Well as you can all tell this is the only good picture that I could get of the boys, and they let me know how they felt about getting their picture taken! haha......I will get a good one someday.
Thanks guys we had a blast! You all are so fun to be with.

Hopefully next time that we go shooting we will get to take little Myles. That is their little boy. Check out their blog to see some pictures, he is so freaking cute. They are on my side bar thing!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pool Party in November!

KRISTY, ME, KRISTEN, SHAY, KASSIE, BROOKE, AND JAMIE. these are some of the gals from the salon! well...this just tells you why we live in the great St. George! Last night Kassie talked her mom into letting us heat the pool up to 100! it was so fun. we had a blast then after that it was like 11:30 and we headed off to dennys!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Salt Lake City

just a cute picture! he is such a fun dog.....i'm glad that he is in my life!

axel just loves the leaves! he can't wait to get to salt lake so he can run around in my aunts back yard!

he let us cover him in the leaves....then he got mad because they where wet and he got really cold. there was snow on them that had just melted off!
jesson and i went to salt lake this weekend and had a blast! it seems that jesson and i can't find to time to just talk and lay out some goals, so it was nice to have him trapped in the car to and from salt lake! he had no where to go but to listen to me...hahahaha!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Tag...You're It

**5 things I was doing 10 years ago**1.well i was in 8th grade so...going to school 2. living at home so no responsibilities 3.trying to grow out of my awkward stage 4.dancing and playing volleyball as much as possible 5.ya know i don't really remember being 14
**5 things to do on my list today** (we'll say tomorrow since today is practically over)1.laundry 2.take axel on a walk 3.groceries 4.clean the house 5.go to work
**5 snacks I enjoy**1.a fresh bag of plain potato chips 2.crackers most all kinds 3.most all chocolate 4.cappuccinos 5.jolly ranchers
**5 things I would do if I were a millionaire**1.get out of debt the us 3.then travel the world 4.spend time at the red cross/donate 5.get jesson his dream truck
**5 places I've lived**1.grover, wyoming 2.kissimmee, florida 3.provo, utah 4.orem, utah george, utah
**5 jobs I've had**1.ranch hand field maintenance team 3.retail 4.cosmetologist (hair stylist)5.clean houses
**I Tag**1.Julie 2.Dani 3.Kristy 4.Shay 5.Jamie

Rules: Each person answers the questions themselves. At the end, tag 5 people and post their names

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Springdale 5k 10k

Well i decided to have November be my new beginning! So i started it off by doing a 5k walk in Springdale. in case you don't know where that is it is the little torrest town by the gates to go into Zion National Park. it was so friend jamie went with me and we just walked and talked. it was so cold that day.....i'm glad that we were walking so that i could get warmed up! we were slow (but then we remembered that neither one of us have truly exercised for like 5 years), we weren't first but we weren't last ether! i was just glad that i didn't have to tell jesson that i was last or didn't finish! well here's to the new me!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


axel wasn't sure if he really liked the whole pumpkin thing........and he wasn't very happy about all the people who kept ringing the door bell.

well here are our pumpkins! i bet you can guess who's is who's?!
i set up vote on the right side jesson and i want to have a the pumpkin on the left is contestant A. and the one on the right is contestant B.

well some of you may know and some of you may not but Halloween is not my favorite Holiday! however i am a huge fan of all the new scary movies! this is one of the holidays that jesson actually likes so i thought that i would participate this year. well i hope that you all had a very happy halloween....and on to the next month.