Tuesday, July 29, 2008


check it out! this thing is huge, this picture does no justice! this thing was HUGE!
let me just tell you a little something about these nasty bugs. (Periplaneta american) This cockroach occurs outdoors and indoors, and often infests basements and sewer systems. These large cockroaches are capable of flying, but usually remain on the ground. The female produces an egg case every month for about 10 months; there are about 16 eggs per egg case. this is just one of the many cockroaches there are. good thing that i decided to live in a place where there is an infestation no matter where you go.....
i am glad that i didn't find this at my house, it was in a house that we clean! the thing was so big that it wouldn't go down the drain in the bathtub so we had to flush it down the toilet!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

say good bye

i am going to have a goal of cutting out soda! yep that's right noooo more! so far i have been sober (caffeine free) for two weeks! this is going to be a new me!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bored? Maybe?

so i am a big fat chicken and wouldn't do it....but your eyes are not playing a joke on you! at work today everyone decided that it would be great to wax their noses! ahhhhhhhh. so they just plug the nose and rip on the sticks! haha. if i ever get brave i will let you all know!

the receptionist was oh so kind to let me snap a shot at her best moment!

thanks kels...your great!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Candy Run!

i don't know who does something like this, but jesson and i made a candy run today! we drove 1hr. to go to a candy store. they sell all the great old time candy.....we go just for the yummy salt water taffys! YUM. what where we thinking? it was a lot of fun though. the candy store is in the little tourist shops at zion national park! so you never ceased to be amused with all the crazy tourists to watch!

zion is so beautiful....we didn't take the time to go hiking today, the trails are really busy this time of year, but i love the view! this picture is still like 20 miles away from zion and the cliff where you enter the park still just sticks out. the cliffs are so high, it almost makes me sick to look up. i can't imagine what it would be like to look down. i am glad that i live close enough to such a great place!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun with the Abplanalp's

This past weekend we went up to Spanish Fork and chilled with the fam! We had a blast....thanks guys! They took us to Thanksgiving Point to the Dino Museum(of ancient life), that was a lot of fun. They were huge animals.....this turtle was my favorite! I still love turtles. They are just amazing animals. I can't even think how cool that would be to see one that big....still alive! Maybe there is one?
You never know what you could find in the ocean that hasn't showed his/her face yet!
we also went to a baseball game! That was fun.....was good to do something that I wouldn't have normally done. The team we were going for didn't win, but Karlie and I entertained ourselves.
I was just thinking that I haven't been to a game since i lived in Florida......but only because I worked at a baseball Field! :)

We hope that we weren't too much trouble!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Times

well summer is here at it's most, in st. george! but who doesn't love the sun?

every time that it gets this hot i don't remember why i live here. until the winter comes along and it is still warm! (that is my answer) also when you can go swimming in the lake and the water temperature in the shade is still 80!

well jesson and i are are doing good, just trying to stay cool. with all our extra time i go swimming, read, and catch all the latest movies; while jesson relaxes in the ac with axel (cuz he works outside all day) and rides his mountain bike!

well i hope that everyone is having a rocken summer so far and had a great 4th.......

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


so i guess there are new things starting at our house in this house............

i think that jesson and casey are nuts to want to start mountain biking now! it is 110 on average and still only getting like 80 as the low and they are riding their bikes! NUTS