Monday, September 28, 2009 one!

i love this view, (not the sheep, that means that we are working), but the town down below! i don't really have words, i am just glad that i get to see something like that when ever i feel like it! i owe that to my parents for all of there hard work! thank you.

he is just so happy, i lost him to fishing this summer, and the season is coming to a close, cuz he doesn't like to ice fish, but i have not seen him enjoy something for a while! good job babe............ i love you!
p.s. there will be more pictures i have so many to post, so i will just do a few at a time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

We are back..........

yes yes i know it has been a really long time......but my life is a little torn up right now, but we are making the best of it! jesson is hunting and fishing again, so that makes him happy, so i guess that makes me happy! i am glad to be around all of the family this summer, we have a had a lot of fun, and working with my dad agian..............well that is more stories to come, but has been great! i miss st. george, and i thought that i wouldn't miss the hot sun, but i am so cold.......i am sure it is going to get worse.
the leaves are all changing, it has been like 5 years at least since i have seen that, and it is so beautiful! i forget all the things that i have been missing and taht is one good thing about being home...........all the wonderful memories!
i will try to get some pictures put up soon!