Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where does time go?

Isn't that a question most people ask? Well it is on my mind right now. On the 27th Jesson and I will be married for 5 yrs. I am so thankful that we are so happy together! Well back to time, really in five years a lot has happened and I still feel like I am not going anywhere. I don't know where i should be going, but are some things that have happened in our five years:

-we got married and lived in different towns for 3months
-we finally lived in the same town, St. George
-I passed my state licensing exams
-Jesson started school
-we had to move to what most of you know as the mold hut
-still just working and school, Jesson now done with his 2nd year
-just everyday life, with a lot of gross food, and really good food
-decided to buy a house
-they accepted the offer
-moved again
-got a dog (Axel)
-potty training
-chewed up socks
-more bad food, a lot of take out
-Jesson done with school
-studying for his state exam
-living in Wyoming
-spending a lot of time with family
-house is for sale
-yes, moving again
-still in love
We all have our ups and downs. Jesson and I have had our share, but I wouldn't want them to be with anyone else. I love him very much and am very excited for new adventures, and what's to come! Here's to another 5 years!