Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pics From Wyoming

Well i got invited to watch lainey (3 year old niece) at gymnastics! that was a lot of fun. she was so happy that she can flip on the bar all by herself! the smile in the next picture says it all!

then we went over to see my other niece who is 4, and in this picture you can see that we were playing with stickers and axel got to join. i was scared he was going to get mad, but he didn't even care. axel and austin get along so great.......

well, we all decided to go to shoot guns so we pile into the pickle and look what happened! poor poor tire. it was so bad that they couldn't even patch it, gump had to buy a new tire! it was a lot of fun.

this is my austin! while the boys were shooting guns, we got kinda cold so we were playing in the car. she had picked melissa some flowers, so we put some in her hair!

we couldn't get out of working. so we helped shear the sheep! i don't think that i have been home for 5 years, this time of year. it was a lot of fun. i got to meet cate, she is from Australia, and a lot of fun.

it was a very long drive! jesson was sleeping on the way! oh wait.....he is the one driving! hahahaha we were just so bored, but we made it.

who would have thought that there would be this much snow still. it was 96 in st. george when i left, now you all know why i was wining about being cold.
well i am sure that there will be some more wyoming adventure pictures. jesson is still up there and don't know when he will be back in st. george, axel and i are back to the warm weather, but are really missing jesson and can't wait to see him. i hope that it is soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


wow, it has been a long time since i have to wyoming this time of year and now i remember why! i think that i am going to freeze to death. i have not been this cold in a very very long time. it is 90 in st. george right now and maybe 45 here! ahhhhhhh who does that to them selves? good thing that i love my family and was excited to see them. we surprised our moms for mothers day. it has been fun. when i get back to st. george i will post the pictures! send some sun my way.....PLEASE!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


well it is that time george turned on all of there water at the parks, which means that axel gets to play in the water!