Wednesday, August 3, 2011


so i am not very good at keeping up with this at all. and sorry there is no picture this time. i feel like i can't just get one project done before more come up. i really hope that once this month is over i can get everything back on track.

bintli is walking two or three steps at a time. if she would just let go of the wall or what ever is next to her she would just take off. she will find the bravery in her soon. she will just stand in the middle of the floor, when she sees that she is not holding onto anything then she just sits down and crawls to where she wants to go. i think that she will most defiantly be walking by her 1st birthday! however she has decided to start to talk and "hi" is her chosen word. it is well over used! keep up the good work.


KeiserFamily said...

she is so stinking cute! miss you all